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To celebrate deviantART’s 10th birthday (which is practically 100 in internet years), it through a party in Hollywood at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. As part of the celebrations, I designed these birthday booklets which were handed out to every party guest as a keepsake + informational guide to the party’s various events and schedule. There is also a handy map to help people find their way through the oft-confusing architecture of the House of Blues.

Booklets printed with Gold Pantone 871C on Cordenons Stardream Dolemite 81lb text

Silver Award Winner, Booklets, International Design Awards, 2011

Featured on FPO, 2010

A small font family inspired by such swiss heavyweights as DIN, Helvetica, and News Gothic. Focus is on simplifying letterforms and glyphs into basic geometry while still retaining high craftsmanship and class. Works great for headlines and in body copy.

All weights are priced at just $15.

Font Available for Download Here ↓


Featured on Behance’s Typography Served, 2011

Fonce Sans Pro was one of’s Rising Stars for 2006

One of the “Typefaces Nobody Gets Fired for Using.”

Featured on QBN, 2007