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Pivotshare is a (my) tech company building software to help video creators distribute and sell their high-quality stuff from pretty much anywhere. For our business cards, I designed these lovely die-cut, spot-glossed cards to fit in-line with existing branding and also be a bit memorable.

DeviantART’s biggest asset is its community: a collection of well over (currently) 20 million artistic individuals who come together to share their appreciation and love of creativity. As with any free web service, advertising is a necessity, but at DeviantART we find it important to focus on promotional integrations that don’t get in the way of the service but instead enhance it.

Enter our contests and brand integrations.

DeviantART routinely builds contests by which we encourage artists to get involved with branded content. This promotes creativity and generates inspiration, so it’s a win-win. But in order to keep the momentum going, we have to clarify why is a great place to get involved with. Hence, the Brand Integrations Book gives the ins and outs of deviantART as well as displays the amazing artwork that results from our contests.

A 20×30 poster to stylishly enjoy the new year.

Not being a fan of typical wall calendars, but being a huge fan of typography, I designed this poster for both typographic enjoyment as well as for informative purposes.

The body of the poster is your typical months and dates. Weeks are delineated between the red slashes (Sunday, Monday, etc). Holidays are indicated via a dark teal color.

To celebrate deviantART’s 10th birthday (which is practically 100 in internet years), it through a party¬†in Hollywood at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. As part of the celebrations, I designed these birthday booklets which were handed out to every party guest as a keepsake + informational guide to the party’s various events and schedule. There is also a handy map to help people find their way through the oft-confusing architecture of the House of Blues.

Booklets printed with Gold Pantone 871C on Cordenons Stardream Dolemite 81lb text

Silver Award Winner, Booklets, International Design Awards, 2011

Featured on FPO, 2010

For a short while I worked with a small design shop who mostly did Honda Motorcycles work. When I came on board, my design approach was to focus on very dynamic cropping, incredible detail, and clever use of type to exemplify the bold approach Honda was looking for.

Here you’ll see some of my explorations in design. Some of this work was used, other bits were never used, but I was proud of all of it nonetheless. The unused stuff is most noticeable through its remaining Lorem Ipsum type.

Additionally, I art directed many of the product photo sessions on-location, some of which are shown here.