Category: Logos

YouTask is a small startup task-management application suite focused on simplicity and elegance. This logo takes into account the uniquely simple nature of their applications in order to present a refined, but clear representation of what the app is about and how it’ll help you get things done.

Gliimpse is a new healthcare technology company focused on doing astounding things that I’m not allowed to mention. In effect, though, it intends to simplify things for the average person. The logo we wanted to create needed to also represent simplicity, and we liked the idea of doing something in a monogram fashion since it felt more personal and special. Playing off the common @ symbol, we transformed Gliimpse into a destination.

Mifitto is a sophisticated bit of shoe-measuring software that exists entirely within an app.

Logo design for, a new design community focused on bringing startups and designers together for mutual benefit. The logo spawned from a few symbolic ideas: the windup key representing startups, the pencil representing designers/creatives, and both are extremely busy bees (especially together).

Featured in Communication Arts Design Annual 53, 2012.

Logo for a secluded home doubling as a late-night thinktank.

No girls allowed. Well, maybe girls allowed.