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Pivotshare is a (my) tech company building software to help video creators distribute and sell their high-quality stuff from pretty much anywhere. For our business cards, I designed these lovely die-cut, spot-glossed cards to fit in-line with existing branding and also be a bit memorable.

Identity development & exploration for a social shopping concept.

Looksy promises to be a celebrity-driven shopping experience that let’s you “dress like a celebrity without spending like one.” That was my line. Pretty happy with it. Anyway, these are some presentation images and accompanying developments and explorations when working on this identity project.


Bioplastics are a line of materials made from renewable resources, like algae, corn, etc, that are designed to retain the same characteristics of regular petroleum-based plastics without the negative environmental impact.

The concept behind this work was to portray interacting and dynamic icons of nature working together to form something more structurally sound. Hence, we have 3 leaves forming a triangular shape representing the source materials coming together to form a newer, stronger object.

Symbol design shown in-context on plastic packaging. Shown silkscreen and embossed. Additional concepts also shown.

Winner of Second Runner-Up Prize in Cereplast’s “Make Your Mark” Competition.

Featured on Behance’s Branding Served, 2012

Featured on Inspirationi, 2012

For a short while I worked with a small design shop who mostly did Honda Motorcycles work. When I came on board, my design approach was to focus on very dynamic cropping, incredible detail, and clever use of type to exemplify the bold approach Honda was looking for.

Here you’ll see some of my explorations in design. Some of this work was used, other bits were never used, but I was proud of all of it nonetheless. The unused stuff is most noticeable through its remaining Lorem Ipsum type.

Additionally, I art directed many of the product photo sessions on-location, some of which are shown here.