Experienced, Award-Winning Design Leader

Who I Am

With over 20 years as a professional designer and over 11 years as a design leader, I have a diverse background across entertainment & media, online communities, fintech, and design agencies. Through my work as an individual contributor, along with my work as a design leader, I've grown companies and teams, built compelling products, and defined amazing brands, which have almost all resulted in meaningful exits. I believe in strong processes and transparency, an inclusive design culture, in user empathy and research, and in doing what's right.

Specific Knowledge & Capabilities

  • Executive Leadership
  • Design Team Management
  • Mentorship
  • Branding
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Front-End Development
  • CSS & Pre-Compilers
  • Javascript & Frameworks
  • Typography & Type Design
  • Print Design & Production
  • Illustration
  • Icon Design
  1. 20+Years in design
  2. 11+Years in leadership

Mini-Case Study


Joined Chime in early 2018 as Head of Design. Founded new design organization and grew team in product, research, and marketing.

Led efforts to establish a design system and push visual sensibilities to be simpler and friendlier.

Through growth and marketing experiments, more than doubled accounts from 900k in March 2018 to 1.8M in October 2018, opening at a rate of 150,000 new accounts per month (as much as Wells Fargo).

A vision of the future of Chime. Simple, bold type paired with clearer iconography.
New, softer modals paired with friendly images take the stress out of finance.
Replacing hairline nav icons with clearer, bolder icons for accessibility.
Friendly illustrations make money management a more welcoming idea.

Mini-Case Study


Joined Ellation in 2016 to build VRV, a multi-channel, niche-audience streaming service.

Launched VRV on a myriad of platforms: iOS, Android, Tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation 4, XBONE, AndroidTV, and FireTV.

Also contributed to brand bible and helped define brand personality.

Grew VRV to 2M+ monthly active users and 200k+ subscribers.

Acquired by AT&T

Unique illustrations help clarify the personality of VRV: irreverent, ridiculous, and fun.
VRV's design ethos: combine simple, accessible layouts with bold type and imagery, with a nod to video game culture.
VRV's grid system remains consistent and basic, driven by shared card components.
An example of VRV's card components, which all share common elements even at different scales.
A sample of the icon family created for VRV. A nod to video game culture mixed with clear, chunky illustration.
VRV's Apple TV app utilized common patterns mixed with a bit of VRV flair.
The best way to clarify VRV's channel offerings on Apple TV was a grid system.
More screens from VRV's Apple TV app.

Mini-Case Study


Crunchyroll is the world's largest anime streaming service.

Through a multitude of efforts, encompassing changes to products and growth experiments, we pushed Crunchyroll's subscriber number to well over 1M.

Primarily, my goal as Director of Product Design was to maintain and build upon Crunchyroll's rich brand.

Acquired by AT&T

The updated Crunchyroll iOS app increased subscription conversions by over 300%.
Simpler navigation paired with fun icons for the myriad of categories available on Crunchyroll.
A Night Mode theme for use in the evenings (or any time).
Crunchyroll's Apple TV app brought the brand's sensibilities to the big screen.
Use of familiar patterns helped the Crunchyroll Apple TV app gain quick adoption.

Mini-Case Study


Pivotshare is like a "build your own netflix," allowing creators to generate custom SVOD channels

Helped define the brand and product strategy, as well as design all aspects of products.

Contributed to front-end code for web using JS and Ember

Acquired by CSS Entertainment.

One of my first duties was designing the logo and defining the brand.
The home page of Pivotshare combined bold, simple text with HTML5 video and animation.
The Discovery section of Pivotshare's website allowed visitors to find new channels.
Fun use of hierarchy and grids kept the layout flexible while drawing the eye to popular channels.
The Pivotshare CMS allows channel owners to manage their networks in a guided manner.
Channel owners could also find other channels to collaborate with using this dashboard.
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